Montpellier 34

Montpellier 34

Montpellier is a beautiful and unique city and this website attempts to capture that beauty and provide information on some of the many locations and attractions in Montpellier, whether for tourists or residents.

We live near the Place de Comédie and the site focuses on the Écusson (or Centre Historique) - the large pedestrianised area between the Comédie and Louis Blanc.

This website includes French and English information about Montpellier, including activities for children and adults, homeschooling and travel information,  Click an icon in the map for details of a specific shop or attraction.

As well as information on holiday attractions in Montpellier and the Comédie, we also provide information on:

  • Activities for children in Hérault
  • Home educating in France
  • Links to other useful sites in Languedoc Roussillon

Why Montpellier 34?

In France each department has a number and 34 is the number for Hérault, one of the departments in Languedoc Roussillon, in Southern France, next to the Mediterranean.