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Montpellier Homeschooling | France

Montpellier is a great city for children as it has an amazing array of activities, a strong public transport system with trams and busses making travel through the city easy and a large pedestrian area starting at the Place de Comedie.

Homeschooling (or home education) is a legal alternative to a conventional school education and we're a homeschooling family with 2 boys (born in 1999 and 2002) who live in Montpellier and would love to hear from other homeschooling families.

You can visit our website, Parent Concept, for more information on home education in Montpellier.

For younger children, home education is often informal, comprised of learning through life, playing games, conversations, etc.  Some parents considering it may be concerned about socialisation, however our experience is that the boys always have friends round and it's never been the slightest concern to us (apart from perhaps a lack of sleep occasionally caused by too much socialisation!).

For older children there's no requirement to follow the national curriculum, however there is a requirement that children learn maths, French and another language (English counts, so if you're reading this, that probably isn't a concern!)

Each family is different and some parents educate their children themselves, others have private tutors, some children are very self-motivated and largely educate themselves through books and online resources.

One thing we find is that we often concentrate on one subject for far longer periods of time than is possible at school, perhaps having a topic, such as 'exploration' that runs through most of the boys' lessons for a few months.  This also applies to more specific topics ... for us, this has included the Romans, Science and Space, to name a few.