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Play Frisbee in Montpellier

With the Montpellier Internationals group on Meetup, there's an amateur Ultimate Frisbee game every Sunday morning at 10.30am at the Parc Georges Charpak, near the Mondial 98 tram stop.

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport where the objective is to get the frisbee from one side of the pitch to the other.  Whoever has the frisbee can't run and tries to pass to someone else in their team.  The other team try to block them and either catch the frisbee themselves or knock it out of the air.

We normally play with two teams of up to 7 players each with a mixture of adults and adolescents.  There's a fairly relaxed training session at 10.30am and the game itself starts at 11am.

If you're English speaking and living in Montpellier, then it's highly recommended that you join the Montpellier International's Meetup Group who as well as organising frisbee and the occasional orhter sporting event, also organise a regular language exchange and various other events.

Frisbee Montpellier
Play sport with an English club in Montpellier
Parc Georges Charpak Avenue de la Mer-Raymond
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