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Theatre classes in Montpellier

As well as the theatre course featured on this page, you may also be interested in the Film, Comedy and Theatre Course in Montpellier organised by Je pars à Zart.

The theatre concentrates on improvisation learning to perform on stage. There's a show at the end of each year, often revolving around scenes from film converted on to a stage performance.

The class always has a nice enviroment and it really is a fun experience. There are lots of different classes with different teachers, each of which have their own methods and means of teaching, but they're all experienced actors and often comedians.

The theatre is a very nice place, with a few rows of chairs and a very homely feel, and the set is ever changing, adding a bit of unknown when arriving for each lesson, somedays it's an old gym, other times it's a family home with flowery drapes and small windows. But it's always done with a nice touch.

The theatre has a variety of special effects at their desposal which often comes in handy when different lightings and specific noises are needed during one of the shows, and really does give it that professional edge that is needed.

I have really found it to be an overall enjoyable activity, and I highly recomend it if parents or kids want to get into acting.



Montpellier Theatre
Montpellier Theater classes

Théâtre Le Point Com
9 Rue Sainte-Ursule,
34000 Montpellier

+33 6 04 14 76 08 Montpellier

(NB, The classes themselves are provided in French and this page was written by one of our boys who's been doing theatre classes for the last year and thoroughly enjoys them)