Montpellier 34

Lud'm Game Shop

Another board game store to add to the list. The Lud'm concentrates less on role playing or older games and has more games for kids, simple and fun games that are fun for the family.

While it may be good for younger kids, there are also a few games fun for all ages. The customer service is good, so if you have any questions about a game, they're likely to give you a detailed explanation about how it works and how it plays.

While it is smaller than the Excalibur game shop a couple a dozen metres down the road, it still has a large selection of games to chose from, puzzles, trivia, strategy, you name it.


Lud'm Game Shop
Lud'm games Montpellier
The entrance with some fun games on the doorstep
5 rue de l'Ancien Courrier rue de l'Ancien Courrier
34000 Montpellier
Phone: 04 67 55 04 60
Herault (34) FR